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Massive columns at Karnak
The massive columns at Karnak

Anne standing amongst the columns at Karnak
Anne standing amongst the columns at the Temple of Karnak

Hieroglyphics on the columns at Karnak
Hieroglyphics on the columns at Karnak

To say the least these columns were absolutely impressive both in size and grandeur. What's hard to understand for many when they view these ruins today is that they are not as they were originally presented. In ancient times the walls and columns of the temples would have appeared painted in brilliant colors, but weather erosion and Sun exposure over the centuries has all but eliminated the original colors and rendered them as just plain stone today. However, there are a few places in the temple where these colors still shine brightly, mainly on the underside of the tops of the columns which was protected from the rain and Sun.
Ancient paint on ceiling at Karnak
The underside of the column header showing the bright original colors
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