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Publishing plans are tentative and those who are on the mailing list will receive updated status and time tables for publishing as things become more firm. For information on the latest status of the book in regards to publishing and to learn some interesting tidbits about the contents of the book access the Latest Status page.

The Drewrys have a long and illustrious history, beginning in Colonial times and extending to modern day, in America. This history, chronicled in detail, is the subject of the book: Drewry Family History in America, The Ancestors and Descendants of Harry Moss Drewry. Lineage documentation begins with John and Deborah (Collins) Drewry who lived in Charles Parish, Virginia, circa 1650 - 1735, the parents of nine children and believed to be the progenitors of the Drewry family in America, and continues to the modern day. Over 7,500 descendants and collateral family members, representing 13 generations, are documented in the book. Each descendant's lineage to John and Deborah is fully documented.

This book, when published, will represent the culmination of many years of work by myself and many others. It includes the collective works of many Drewrys and others who preceded me and, who effectively, made it possible for me to publish such a detail history of the Drewry Family in America. Without their work and the support of the living Drewry descendants who participated in this project by completing and returning numerous questionnaires about themselves and their families this book would not be possible. I thank them for their contributions in making this book possible.

It is with the greatest respect and love that my book, The Drewrys in America - The Ancestors and Descendants of Harry Moss Drewry, is dedicated to the memory of Harry Moss Drewry, my grandfather, and Evelyn Drewry Brett, my mother, two of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving.

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