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The work that I have managed to compile in my Drewry Research Decade (plus a few years) is, in fact, a collection of the efforts of many Drewry descendants who preceded me and a network of living descendants and other interested parties who have, at my request, provided much valuable information from their own research. In an effort to further this communications network of interested Drewrys I will gladly add your name and e-mail address, and a brief description of your own research efforts, so that others may contact you directly.

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Bryan Drewry, Alberta, Canada

Bryan has traced his Drewry ancestors back to a John Henry Drewry, b 1794 in North Carolina and married in DeKalb County, Tennessee before removing to Searcy County, Arkansas. Bryan and I believe that this John Henry Drewry ties into the line of Drewrys I have documented, and we are desperately looking for that link and proof. Anyone with information on North Carolina Drewrys could be helpful. Bryan is also interested in any information that may be available on Drewrys in Arkansas, particularly, Searcy County.

Unfortunately Bryan has changed his e-mail address and has not notified me of the new address.

Kimberly Guess, Petersburg, Virginia

Kimberly, the granddaughter of Edna Earl Drewry Bell and great-granddaughter of Hugh Herbert Drewry and Nettie Emmett Latimer, is actively tracing her Drewry roots to the present day. She is particularly interested in finding information on her great-grandmother's sisters: Ida R., Annie, Blanche and Lenay Drewry who were all born in Southampton County, Virginia.

Victoria Davis

Victoria is researching the descendants of Francis Oscar Drewry/Drury, b Feb. 12, 1826 (believed to be) in Georgia and died May 29, 1867, Turin, Georgia; m Eunice Dominick, June 4, 1846. A wheelright, Francis Oscar died from injuries sustained during the Civil War (enlisted on August 4, 1863 and served with Co. H., 7th Georgia State Guards under Capt. Brooks and Col. George Lester). It is believed that Francis had four siblings: 1) Cynthia/Cynthebia m Tony and had: Charlie, Sydney, Famlie and Maggie. 2) Mary Adaline m. John Ragland on Oct. 11, 1837, Monroe Co., Georgia and lived in Heard Co., 3 boys and 3 girls. 3) Sarah m George E. Ward on Dec. 1, 1842, Jones Co., Georgia, lived in Forsythe, Georgia, 2 boys and 1 girl. 4) H. Albert, b 1828. Francis and Eunice had issue: William Franklin, James Neeley, Henry Thomas, Luther W., and Etheridge.

On January 25, 1998 Victoria and I were able to tie her branch of Drewrys into the Drewry branch that I have documented. To Victoria and her family:

Welcome to the family!

Elwood C. Stith, South Carolina

Elwood is researching his Stith ancestors who as slaves and share croppers in Southampton County, Virginia have had a close relationship with the Drewry family. He is interested in any information anyone may have concerning slaves that were owned by the Drewry family.

Merrill Reich, South Carolina

Merrill is researching his great-grandmother's line with emphasis on linking back to the Drurys in England. He has tentative information that connects his line of Drurys to the line of Sir Robert Drury who married Anne Calthorpe and was Speaker of the House of Commons, 1496. His great-grandmother, born in the British West Indies about 1848, arrived in the US between 1850 and 1860. She is believed to be the daughter of Augustus Vere Drury. She is listed in the 1860 census of Bucks County, PA, as not living with her parents. She also appears in the city directory of Trenton, NJ in 1867 as living with Augustus V. Drury.

Delores Y. Eveland, California

Delores is researching the Drewry, Mayes, Stricklen, Griggs and Dobbs lines. She is researching Michael Drewry/Drury, b ca 1830 in Illinois, of unknown parents; m bef. 1849 Medaline ???, b Sep. 1825, Tennessee, d after 1900 probably Boone Co., Arkansas. Michael and Medaline were the parents of (at least): Salon A., b ca. 1849 Missouri; Sarah Isabella, b 1 Jan 1853, Laciede Col, Missouri, d 27 Jul. 1930 Boone Col, Arkansas m James William Mayes; Mary Susan, b 11 Jun 1855, Missouri, d 8 Oct. 1878; Phebe F. Ellen, b 22 Dec. 1856, Missouri, d 5 Nov. 1921 Boone Co., Arkansas, m 12 Apr. 1875 Carroll Co., Arkansas C. C. "Kit" Stricklen.

Jane Goodsell, Virginia

Jane is researching the descendants of John and Nancy Drury, 1820's, Mathews County, Virginia.

Alfred G. Roberts

Alfred, like several others in the list, is looking for information on the Drewrys who are descended from and related to John Henry Drewry, b ca 1794 in North Carolina, and a Margaret(unknown). Some of their children's names are: George Washington, Joseph J., Crawford, and Bedie Drewry. George Washington, and Joseph J. Drewry moved to Searcy County Arkansas in the early 1840's.

Mark William Lingenfelder

Mark is researching information on Rear Admiral William O'Brien Drury who died in India March 11, 1811. Rear Admiral Drury was a commander-in-chief of the British East India Company and captained the flagship Russell. He played a major part in the establishment of the port at Trincomalee which was of strategic importance to the British Navy in the Indian Ocean. He hopes to prove that he is the grandfather of his gg-grandfather Thomas O'Brien Drury who was born in Simonstown, South Africa in 1824.
Anthony Drury Burchette

Anthony is researching the relationship between the Burchette and Drury families. He has managed to trace back to Edward Birchett who married Mary Ann Drury of Chartham, Kent County, England and came to Charles City, Virginia circa 1665-68. Since then the name Drury appears throughout the family line.
Margaret Epps Graham

Margaret is researching the Epps family heritage which has a connection to the Drewry family of Southampton County. Her grandfather, John D. Epps, was taken from Halifax, N. C. to Drewryville, Va. to run the farm for Dr. Wm. Sidney Drewry. Other surnames included in her searches: Magette, Stith, Powell, Kelly, Clements, and Clemons.

Shawn Miller

Shawn is searching for information about a Mary Ann Drewry who was born abt. 1785 in Dickson County, TN who married Samuel Hasley, Sr. They moved to Pike County, AR with their children in 1817.
Phyllis Ann Heflin Farmer

Phyllis is researching information about Palatine Drewry, b September, 1860 in Pittsylvania County, VA and married, December 28, 1882, Josephine (Josie) N. Hefflin in Pittsylvania County, VA. They lived at 327 Church Street, Danville City, Pittsylvania County, VA. Their children were Carrie (b June, 1883), Sue E. (b November 25, 1885, Pittsylvania County), Russel (b June 1887), Ethel (b March, 1892) and Geraldine (b August, 1894, North Carolina). Josie and Palatine were married at the home of William Hefflin by Stephen B. Keesee. Phyllis would appreciate any information available for both the Hefflin and Drewry lines.

Mike Bartelt

Mike believes he is descended from Sir Roger Drury of Rougham, County Suffolk, England and Margaret Naughton. His grandmother was a Drury from Ste. Genevieve, Missouri who line is descended from the Drury family that originated in Maryland. For further information either e-mail Mike or link to his web site.

Tom Stevenson

Tom believes he is descended from the Drurys of Dry Docking, County Norfolk, England through the Drurys that settled in Maryland. Tom has a very interesting web site which you should check out for more information concerning this Stevenson and Drury lines. Of particular note is the fact that he has Arthur Campling's book, The History of the Drury Family in Suffolk and Norfolk Counties from the time of the Conquest, available on line for everyone to enjoy. This is an excellent book for anyone researching the Drewry/Drury line. Use the following addresses to link to his web site.

Drury/Drewry Line http://www.genealogysource.com/drury.htm
Stevenson Line http://www.genealogysource.com/stevenson.com
Campling's Book http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~druryfamily/druryhist.htm
Robert Daniel

Robert is researching the descendants of Charles Drury and Martha (?) who married about 1730 in either Nansemond County, Virginia or Halifax, North Carolina. Robert is a descendant of their son Mills Nevill Drury. His stumbling block is tracing beyond Charles' birth beyond 1700.
Jody Lawrence Drewry

Jody is researching the Drewrys of DeKalb County, Tennessee in preparation for a book that she is writing. The Drewrys that Jody is researching are descended from the John Henry Drewry that has been so difficult in placing within the Drewry family line that I am researching. She is among a long list of others who are trying to find the parents of this John Henry Drewry. Contact Jody using the e-mail link above to receive information regarding her book.
Zelda Drury Donley

Zelda is searching for information regarding James W. Drury who is known to have been in the Frankfort, Ky. area by 1840. She is attempting to go beyond this date to find James' parents and where he originated from.
Barbara Pollard Shaughnessy

Barbara is a descendant of John Drewry and Sallie Slaughter through Caroline Ellett and James Harvie Pollard. Barbara is researching her early Ellett ancestors and requests any information available on the Ellett family of Virginia.
Barbara Coughlin

Barbara is researching descendants of B and G Drewry who lived in Charles City Parish. B and G Drewry are listed as the parents of her direct ancestor Edward Green. Any information about this B and G Drewry would be appreciated.
James E. Hargraves

James is researching Mary Drewry, b October 14, 1688 in Charles Parish. Mary was the daughter of John and Deborah Collins Drewry. She is known to have been married to Nathaniel Robertson, William Tavenor and Thomas Lane. James is descended from the Thomas Lane line.
Marge Brown

Marge is researching Sarah Linda Drewery/Drewry, b March 13, 1863 and d March 03, 1913, in McCurtian, OK. She has found a reference to a marriage in Montgomery, TN to S. L. Drewry and E. A. Brown on 4-5-1882 and believes this is her Great grandfather Eslie Alexander Brown. Eslie was born in Illinois. Marge believes that Sarah was born in Springfield, MO, but has not, as yet, proved that. Sarah and Eslie divorced and she remarried a man with the
last name Murphy. Marge is searching for the parents of Sarah Linda Drewry and trying to tie her Brown line to the Drewry line. She is also searching the following other surnames: BROWN, CLARK, DUDLEY, HATFIELD, McCALL, SHEALY, SHIRLEY, and SLAUGHTER


Linda is researching her paternal ggg-grandparents, Jack and Nancy Drewery or Drury, who are believed to have lived in Alabama. Jack and Nancy's daughter, Mary Drury married Bartlin Gilchrist. Mary is believed to have a sister, Ella, and a half brother, Bryan. Linda's great-grandmother, Mary Drury Gilchrist's daughter, Eliza Gilchrist, married Eliga Adams. Any information to assist her in discovering information on her paternal ggg-grandparents' line would be appreciated.

Thomas Hines

Thomas is researching Nannie Drewry (1865-1946). Thomas is trying to verify Nannie's parentage and believes it to be as follows:

Nannie Drewry was born July 3, 1865 and died Feb. 2, 1946 (info from family bible). Through family members he has been told that Nannie's parents were Robert Drewry and Martha Turner. Reviewing census reports Thomas believes that Robert maybe the son of Thomas Drewry (b. 1803c) and Permilia Joyner (b. 1808c , d. Nov. 7, 1859 [found in death records]). Thomas believes that Martha was the daughter of Nathan Turner (b. 1800c) and Martha Joyner. A contact through Genforum provided a wedding date of 1857 for Robert and Martha and Dec. 18, 1820 for Nathan and Martha. The census shows these families living in Southampton Co., Va. and Northampton Co., N.C.

In my research I have documented the Thomas Drewry that married Permilla Joyner, but I do not have any information regarding their children. Anyone with information regarding this Drewry line please contact Thomas using the above link and also copy me please.

Diane Brand

Diane is not a Drewry family descendant, however, she believes there is a connection between her family and a Henri (or Henry) Drewry, who came to Virginia sometime before 1682. He is listed as one of six transportees on a land patent granting 257 acres to one Diane's ancestors. Diane believes her family must have known him in England and would be pleased to learn something about him.

Karin Bannister

Karin is searching for any information about a Sayles and Martha Leggett Drewry who immigrated to Ontario from England, maybe Mission Springs, about 1885. Sayles died there and Martha went to Rolla, North Dakota. Sayles Drewry was the son of Robert Drewry (1799-1877), born in Crowle, Lincolnshire, the son of Robert born in Haxey, the son of John and Mary (Sayles) who married in Crowle in 1795. Robert Drewry had at least three siblings born at Haxey and Doncaster. Sayles and Martha's children were William, Robert, Johnson, Hannah and {Eliza?}. Any help would be appreciated.

Joanna Drewry

Joanna is researching the descendents and antecedants of George Drewry (b. 1799) and Elizabeth Pepper. She has collected considerable information about the family. George was born at Leasingham House in Lincolnshire, England and all their children were born at Elpringham in Lincolnshire. They emigrated to Ontario on the Brig Eliza in 1817 and settled first in Picton, Ontario. They had five children: George, Edward Bemrose, William Pepper, Eliza and Frances. She is descended through William Pepper Drewry, John Burnham Drewry, William Stewart Drewry, and John Haworth Drewry. Names that appear in the family tree are Bemrose, Roblin, Thayer, Shaw, Way, Kerr, Gordon, Sherwood, Borland, Maynard, Johnston. Many of these lines emigrated to many parts of the U.S. in the mid-1800's to 1900.

Joanna would like to hear from anyone connected to these lines and from those with information about George Drewry in Lincolnshire, England.

Beverly Drewry-Servati

Beverly has traced her Drewry lineage back to the early 1800's when they immigrated from England to Sterling, Onatrio, Canada. She is interested in establishing a connection between her Canadian Drewrys and those that immigrated to the United States. Her great-great-great grandparents immigrated to Canada in 1843, settling in and around Sterling, Ontario. Her great-great grandparents, William Drewry & Ann Snowden Drewry lived there in Hastings County. The home they built still stands in Sterling, Ontario, Canada. Her great-grandfathers tombstone was found in a basement of a house on Main Street in Sterling while the owners where remolding. Ann Snowden Drewry's tombstone has never been located. Beverly has information and lineage from that generation till present day and is willing to share with other Drewry researchers.

Linda Phillips

Linda is researching her great grandfather, David T. Drewry, who was born November 6, 1836 in Livingston County, Kentucky. David, the son of Silas O. and Elizabeth Drewry, was orphaned at age 6 and raised by uncle in Nodaway, Missouri until age 17. In 1853 David joined a wagon train and headed westward in the company of Colonel Wm. Cock. He settled first in Willamette Valley and then in Olympia where he married and fathered five children. Linda has been unable to trace her lineage beyond her great-great grandfather Silas and would appreciate anyone with information about this Drewry family contacting her.

Helena-Suzanne Shreve

Helena is a descendant of Cleora Camella Josephine Drewry, daughter of Edwin Drewry, who married George Wesley Pinkston December 23, 1859 in Meriwether County, Ga. Helena is searching for the parents of Dr. George Wesley Pinkston or any other family member. She is also researching the McCrary's. She has been able to go back to Robert A. McCrary, husband of Nancy Coggin. Their son, John M. McCrary, is Helena's g-g-g grandfather. She has located some information on Nancy Coggin's family but, unfortunately, none of it leads to the earlier McCrary family members. She is sure they came from North Carolina and settled in Meriwether County, Ga. for some time, but knows nothing else. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

K. Hunter

K. Hunter is searching for information about Sally Drewry who married Oswald Lacy. They had a son, Robert Curtis Lacy, born February 9, 1906 in Bedford, Va. and a daughter Olive. Olive married M.E. Woolridge and lived in Bedford, Va. as late as 1940. Any information concerning this family would be appreciated.

Stuart Doyle

In Stewart Co., Ga. from the late 1830s through the mid 1850s, Humphrey Drewry owned a branch of my family, the Vaughans, who began as slaves in Southampton Co., Va., around Drewryville. His daughter Frances Ann Virginia Drewry, later known as Fannie Mason, brought them back to Va. upon her marriage to Dr. Robert H. Mason of Sussex Co., Va. in 1854. Research questions: Did the Drewrys own the Vaughans prior to the late 1830s? Were the Vaughans sold to Humphrey Drewry, prompting their venture to Georgia? The Vaughan patriarch, Howell, was a mulatto. And there was a white Vaughan family in the Drewryville area. One of its members, also named Howell Vaughan, ended up in Stewart Co., Ga. as well during the time when Humphrey Drewry and the slave Vaughans were there. Was there a connection between the white Vaughans of Drewryville and Howell Vaughan with the Vaughan slaves owned by Humphrey Drewry?

Joann Coombs

Joann lives in Apple Valley, MN and is researching the descendants and ancestors of George Drewry and Elizabeth Pepper who immigrated to Canada in 1817. She is searching for all descendants of the five children who came with them: George II, Elizabeth, Edward Bemrose, Frances, and William Pepper Drewry. Joann's husband is descended from Edward Bemrose Drewry, who immigrated to Wisconsin from Ontario in 1846.

Kathy Kenny

Katy is researching her late husband's Drewry connections. His maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Madeleine Drewry born in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her parents both died in the 1918 flu epidemic. Her mother was a Domery and father, Arthur Drewry. Kathy would appreciate any information you might have about this line of Drewrys.

Mary Sink

Mary is requesting information on a former Drewry home located at 7400 Dalebrook Drive, Chesterfield County, Va. The home was called the "Grove." She is interested in finding out how the house was used during the Civil War.

P J Recchia

A descendant of Albert Drewry, born in Michigan, whose siblings are Arthur and Bill, the children of Arthur Drewry who married Sarah Lennon in Michigan. Arthur Drewry was born in Virginia.

Barbara A. Drewry

Barbara is researching Charles and Martha Drury hoping to locate Charles' parents and their link to England. Martha's maiden name is believed to be Nevel based on the fact they named their first son Charles Nevel Drewry. They resided in Nansemond County, Virginia and Halifax and Warren counties in North Carolina. Charles and Martha's son, Charles, fled to Florida for protection under the Spanish and they are known to have owned land there also. Dates for this family are in the 1700 - 1745 range.


Nora is interested in hearing from anyone researching the Drewry-Drury (or similar spellings) families who may have been in Ontario, Canada in the 1800's ... specifically any links to Camden East, Fredericksburgh, Adolphustown, Kingston, etc. in Lennox and Addington counties. Also James A. Clark born about 1806 - 1810 in Ontario, Canada who married Anna Brower; they named one of their sons James Drury Clark, and Nora would like to know the significance of the Drury surname. She does not yet know the names of James' parents. Anna Brower Clark was born at Brockville in 1816; her parents were Joseph Daniel Brower and Sarah Graham. Any information regarding these families would be appreciated.

Dale Brown

Dale is researching Sarah Malinda Drewry born March 13, 1863 in Mississippi. She is listed in the Searcy Co., Arkansas census of 1880 as a maid for Alexander Brown, whom she later married and had four children: Nora, Mary Alice, Mae and Hugh Dennon (Dale's grandfather). The family lived in Protem, MO during the 1885 - 1890 time frame after which she left Alexander and moved to Oklahoma to live with her brother, Richard Drewry, born in Arkansas in 1868. Census data indicated that Sarah was born in Mississippi, however, her tombstone (Sarah M. Murphy) indicates she was born in McCurtain, OK. Any information regarding this Sarah Malinda Drewry and her family would be appreciated.

Charles Edward "Chip" Drewry

Chip is researching his family of Drewrys. His father, Fredrick William Drewry b. Winnipeg in 1925, and mother, Martha Griggs Drewry, b. St. Paul, MN in 1925. His grandparents are Harold Arthur Drewry (b. Winnipeg) and Bernice Cameron Drewry (b. Winnipeg). Martha Griggs Drewry was the daughter of Benjamin Glyde Griggs (St. Paul, MN) and Martha Baker Griggs (Philadelphia, PA). Any information would be appreciated.

Linda Phillips

Our family, in Olympia, Washington, are decendents of Silas O. and Elizabeth McLean Drewry, who died in Kentucky in 1842,and 1843, leaving a son and daughter. The son, David T. Drewry, was five years old in 1843. He then lived in Missouri with his aunt and uncle until he was seventeen years old. He then migrated west to Washington State, serving as an oxen driver for Col. William Cock and his family, arriving in Olympia in 1853.

We are now researching Silas Drewry's ancestors, and hope to trace the family roots in America and Europe. Any information you might have will be greatly appreciated.

Louise Upshaw

Louise is looking for any info on a Mae Drewry who lived in Harrison, Ark. in 1942. She was expecting a child and probably gave birth that year. Louise is unsure if Mae was married at the time. Any info on her and especially the child would be greatly appreciated.

Marlene McKenzie

Marlene is searching for information on Harold Bemrose-born in Skirlaugh Yorkshire,England about 1859 and William McKinnon Martin born in Edinburgh ,Scotland about 1868.

Carol Shough

I am GGGGrandaughter of the Rachel Drewry who married Thomas Hearne in 1788 Montgomery County, NC. This is a direct materanl line.  I am interested in DNA testing for the mitochrondrial DNA which is transferred from the mother. I believe that Rachel was born ca. 1767 in Southampton County, Virginia the daughter of William and Rachel Drewry, but I have no definitive proof. Her (maybe) siblings, listed in the will of her? father of 1780 were William Jr, Mary Morgan, Richard, James, and Nicolas. I would be happy to correspond with others who are interested in this family.

John Drewry

My father was Paul M. Drewry, son of Calvin & Gerotha (McCutcheon) Drewry in Searcy County Arkansas, believe their ancestors came from DeKalb County Tenn.  If anyone has photos or information, please let me know.

Phillip Drewry

I have traced my family back to William Drury/Drewry 1772-1838 of Chamblissburg, Bedford, Virginia. I have found a wedding in the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. VI, Virginia , Feb. 12, 1793; William Drury , S. Portlock & Rebecca Coleburn; John Coleburn, Surety; Married by Joseph Drury.

Any info on Portlock Drury Much needed.

Dawn Dobler

Dawn's mother was a Drewry. She believes her great-grandfather was the original settler here in the United States and that he came from England. She recalls a great Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Roy Drewry. She also had a great Aunt named Hannah. Dawn currently lives in Virginia, however, she grew up in North Dakota as did her grandfather Drewry, however, he did have family on the east coast. Any information concerning these family members would be appreciated.

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