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Ruins of the Roman Theater
Ancient ruins of the Roman Theater

We had only a limited amount of time in Alexandria and could only see a couple of the sights that it had to offer. Our first stop would be the ancient ruins of the amphitheater built by the Romans when they occupied the city. I know you might laugh, but it's kind of fun to walk among these ancient ruins and think of the people that lived during those times, especially those we are familiar with like: Julius Caesar, Marc Anthony and, of course, Cleopatra. You can't help but wonder if at some distant time in the past they stood where you are standing and enjoyed a Roman play on a beautiful summer night. No, it's nothing to get excited about and it certainly won't buy you a cup of coffee in any restaurant I know, but it's fun wondering what they experienced in those ancient times. I guess it's modern man's desire to walk in the steps of those that came before them and know what it was like to have lived in such a place so many centuries ago.

Alexandria had little to do with the old Kingdoms of Egypt as it was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 B.C. toward the end of the Pharonic period that we know so much about. They worked hard to make Alexandria the center of the Hellenistic world, of arts and learning, and insured that, with Rome, it was one of the two most important cities in antiquity. On its shores stood the lighthouse of Pharos, one of the original seven wonders of the world, and the great library at Alexandria was exceeded by none in its time. These great wonders were destroyed by earthquakes and fires long ago. After the death of Cleopatra in 30 B.C. Egypt became a Roman province. Today archaeologists are discovering much of ancient Alexandria under the seas off Alexandria.

Leaving the Roman ruins we proceeded to visit the King's Palace (right). It was from here that the last King of Egypt, King Farouk I, abdicated the throne in 1952. Located by the ocean the palace grounds were beautiful and the buildings extravagant compared to

King Farouk's Palace
King Farouk I's Palace
what we had seen while riding through Alexandria. The palace today is used to house visiting heads of state and dignitaries who are visiting Egypt.
Beach at palace
Beach at the palace
Flowers blooming
Flowers blooming on the palace grounds
Derelicts at sunset

Before we knew it our time in Alexandria was up and it was time to head back to the ship. Returning to the ship we would learn a valuable lesson that would help us throughout the rest of our stay in Egypt. That lesson was to be very careful and basically trust no one. When we returned Anne and I paid the tour guide and boarded the ship. A few minutes later the tour guide motioned to us from the dock and told us that two of the people on the tour had not paid him. He wanted Anne and I to pay him and collect from the two that did not pay. I was smart enough to decline that suggestion and told him that we would try to find the two he said had not paid. When we did we were told that they had indeed paid him. It was nothing more than a scam to get more money.

Shortly after boarding we set sail for Port Said, the port city for Cairo, which was just a short overnight sail away from Alexandria. As we left Alexandria the Sun was setting and I got a couple of good silhouette photos.

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