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The old city of Jerusalem was an absolutely wonderful place to visit with its walled streets and many vendors. I could have spent hours and hours taking pictures of the interesting architecture and artifacts found there, but that was not to be. A few short minutes was all that we were allotted to visit this wonderful treasure. I did manage to get a few pictures, not many, just a few.
Old City of Jerusalem
Old city of Jerusalem
Old City of Jerusalem
Walled streets
Ancient pillar of Jerusalem
Ancient pillar of Jerusalem
Old City of Jerusalem
Old city of Jerusalem
Colorful vendors
Colorful vendor
Interesting Alleyway
Interesting alleyway
Interesting architecture
Interesting architecture
Jerusalem, with its varied architecture, interesting alleyways and ancient ruins is certainly a photographer's paradise. To bad Anne and I didn't have more time to enjoy the sights and take more pictures. Maybe next time we'll keep better records of what we do take pictures of.
Anne standing on steps
Anne on stairway
Me in front of the Western Wall
Me in front of the
Western Wall
One of the sites we visited we definitely remembered the name of. It was easy because it is so well known throughout the world, the Western Wall.

I was surprised when we arrived at this most sacred place to find that it was divided into two sections, one for each sex. I wouldn't have thought that such an important religious place would be segregated by sex. The picture (right) shows the female side of the Western Wall.
View of the female side of the Western Wall
The Western Wall
Ruins of the ancient city of Jerusalem
Ruins of the ancient city of Jerusalem

With our quick day of touring in Israel coming to an end we made a few stops at the mandatory "tourist traps," where Anne an I bought some decorations for our Christmas tree and some blessed candles to give as gifts to those at home. Before we knew it we were on the bus and headed toward Tel Aviv, where we drove through the city without stopping, and then onto Haifa where the ship awaited our return.

Boarding the Atlas in Haifa we prepared ourselves for our next day's journey ... a full day of sailing. Continue to the next page to learn what it's like to be on a cruise.

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