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The Great Sphinx at Giza (left) was part of the funerary complex of Pharaoh Kahfre and lies halfway between the mortuary complex (located at the base of the pyramid) and the Valley Temple. The Sphinx, which embodies the body of a lion and the head of a man (believed to be Khafre), acts as a guardian spirit for the entire complex. The Sphinx was carved from the Giza limestone and measures 157 feet long, 20 feet wide and 66 feet high. Unlike the pyramids there are no chambers inside. Over the years the Sphinx has suffered terrible erosion and man's mistreatment and indignity. It was once used as a target for cannon fire by the Mamelukes. A recent restoration has just been completed.

The Sphinx and Menkaure's Pyramid
The Great Sphinx and Menkaure's Pyramid

The Great Sphinx at Giza
The head of the Great Sphinx

The Sphinx and Khafre's Pyramid
The Great Sphinx with Khafre's Pyramid (Chephren)

The Great Sphinx
The Great Sphinx

The Sphinx and Khafre's Pyramid
The Great Sphinx and Khafre's Pyramid (Chephren)

There is some doubt as to exactly when the Great Sphinx was built. It is believed to have been built about 2500 B.C. at the same time as Khafre's pyramid, however, recent discoveries of water erosions have placed that thinking in jeopardy. Additionally, there exist no evidence that the Great Sphinx is actually connected with Khafre. Not a single inscription ties this marvelous statue to that pharaoh which is uncommon. Many statues bear the cartouche of the pharaoh they represent. There is some speculation that the Sphinx may predate the pyramids by as much as 8,000 years, to 10,500 B.C., but that is a discussion better left to the scholars and archaeologists. To Anne and I it was simply a marvelous experience to stand and gaze upon the Great Sphinx and pyramids at Giza.

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