The Beaches and local Wat
One of Anne's greatest pleasures in life is walking along a deserted beach in search of the perfect shell. Phuket has much to offer in the area of deserted beaches. As you can see from the picture below the beaches are quiet and not overly populated, certainly no comparison to the Jersey beaches in summer. As far as shells, well, I don't remember it being the best place, but I'm sure she found a few dozen to pack away into the suitcase and add to her collection at home.
<< Thai long boats anchored near shore.
Thai long boats anchored near shore. >>
These boats were interesting and unlike what we find in the States. As you can see, the motor is at the stern. The long dark object extending from the motor is the propeller shaft which extends well behind the boat when in use. They traveled quite fast and were fun to ride in if you could stand the wading into the water to board.

<< During our tour of the island we stopped at a modern Wat which contained some beautiful shrines and buildings. They were also setting up for some kind of local festival and had many interesting things to see and do.
An interesting shrine of some type on the grounds. >>
Shrines are common throughout the grounds of a Wat. The Elephant shrine (top left) was similar to the one found at the Grand Palace in Bangkok and honors the elephant. The shrine on the right was also devoted to the elephant. The center shrines (above) was unknown as to who or what it was devoted to.
<< Statues of a golden Buddha.

<< The bazaar on the grounds of the Wat.
Anne shopping for some >>
much needed gifts for the folks at home.

<< We found this building to be interesting and began to explore it when we realized that it was the crematorium. The Buddhist religion requires that the dead be cremated.
This was an interesting structure which we thought, at first, was >>
some kind of oven. We were surprised when we looked inside and found it to be some kind of storage structure.

Anne's Revenge

Remember the python that Anne held at Mt. Faber in Singapore? Well, she extracted her revenge on me here in Phuket. As part of the bazaar that they were setting up they had these humongous snakes on display and for a small fee you could go inside the cage with them. Well, guess who was volunteered by whom? Anne, fresh from her victory at Mt. Faber, goaded me into going into the cage with these snakes. There were several of them inside. Most were over 10 feet long and had to weigh several hundred pounds. They weren't very exciting though as they only moved when nudged by the attendant who, I might add, was a child of 10 or 12 years old. This was not a particularly brave thing for me to do, but it was interesting.
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