Jardim de Lou Lim Ioc and A-Ma Temple
Jardim de Lou Lim Ioc is a classical Chinese garden of the 19th century. Its beautiful manicured ground combine flowering plants, shrubs and trees with a beautiful pond and several buildings. There isn't much to say about its beauty so just enjoy the pictures.
Anne and Darla as we leave the Lou Lim Ioc Garden >>

Enjoying our walk through these beautiful gardens we headed out to our next destination the Temple of the Goddess A-Ma. A-Ma Temple is the oldest existing temple in Macau today. Inscriptions on some of the inner walls date back to the 1300's. From the temple's original name, A-ma-gao, meaning the bay of A-ma, Macau derived its name.
Entrance to A-Ma Temple Darla overlooking the courtyard Anne about to enter one of the shrines

Throughout much of Asia in the old temples you visit you will find many portals, like the one Anne is standing in front of above, which appear to be somewhat awkward to pass through. This was intentional. For Anne to pass through the portal Anne would have to step over the lower ridge and, in doing so, she would bend forward. This, in effect, forces the person to bow before the Gods of the shrine which was the intended action the designer's were searching for.

Shrine in A-Ma Temple

Worshiper placing burning incense

Altar in A-ma Temple
<< Worshiper praying on the steps in A-ma Temple

The picture at left was a real challenge to take. As I walked through the temple I noticed this old Chinese woman sitting on the steps next to a wall. She was interesting in the way she was posed holding her beggar's cup. I wanted to take her picture, but I didn't want a staged picture. Every time I pointed the camera in her direction she would casually lean back hiding her upper body from the camera. I tried several times and got nothing. Then, being the tricky devil I can be at times, I posed Anne in the center of the courtyard as if I was taking her picture. Instead I focused passed her and caught the little old lady in her normal position.

<< Ken playing with a Ming Dog

While in Macau Anne celebrated her birthday >>
and Ken and Darla were prepared with a card and present
for her. That was a nice touch of home for her.
Our last evening in Macau was spent on a quest ... a quest for a restaurant that Ken had enjoyed during a previous visit to Macau. The only problem: he didn't quite remember where it was or what its name was. After what seemed to be an eternity we settled on Fortaleza, a restaurant recommended by Fodor's Guide as follows: "The setting of this exquisite restaurant would be reason enough to dine here. Located in a traditional Portugese inn in the 17th century Barra Fortress, it offers views of an idyllic seascape of green islands and sailing junks. The decor and atmosphere recall the days of the Portuguese empire, with crystal lamps, hand-carved mahogany furniture, blue and white tiles, and plush carpeting. The food is almost as marvelous."

With such a glowing recommendation how could we go wrong? EASY! When you travel keep one thing in mind. What may be a wonderful experience for someone does not necessarily mean it will be wonderful for you. The description of the restaurant was right on, but the food was not very good at all. We all wished we had returned to Henri's Gallery for another fantastic meal.
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