Monte Hill and St. Paul's
Our next destination would be Macau located about an hour away by modern hydrofoil boats. Both Hong Kong and Macau were settled by westerners seeking to establish trade with China but, unlike Hong Kong which was settled by the British, Macau is a Portuguese territory. As a result, the cultures are very different. On Macau our home for our short three-day stay would be the Westin Resort Macau located on Collone Island, a twenty-five minute ride from downtown Macau. The hotel was isolated but absolutely beautiful.
The Westin's pools as seen from our room
Macau's history is long dating to 1557 when the Portugese settled the area. It has suffered ups and downs over the centuries and alternated between being important and non-important to the region. When Hong Kong was settled in 1841 and became the major port in the South China Seas, Macau was relegated into obscurity. Today Macau has much to offer the tourists. In a small area you can find a 16th century Buddhist temples, a 17th century European style fort, and an 18th century baroque church. Combine those with modern skyscrapers and colonial mansions and you have a city with unique character and excitement. Add to that a touch of gambling and you're got a major destination Hong Kong citizens to frequent. Another major attraction for tourists is its proximity to mainland China. One day trips to the Peoples Republic of China can be easily arranged to give you an insight to what life is like in China today.

Panoramic view of Macau taken from Monte Hill showing the facade of St. Paul's
Monte Hill is the heart of Macau's tourist area today. On it you will find an old fort and some magnificent views of Macau and China in the distance. Built by the Jesuits the area includes the fort, a college, and the church of the Mother of God, commonly known as St. Paul's. St. Paul's was once described as the most beautiful church in southeast Asia. It was designed by an Italian Jesuit in the early 16th century and built with the assistance of Japanese Christian artisans who had fled from feudal persecution in Nagasake. Only the facade of St. Paul's remains today for tourists to imagine its once beauty. In 1835 at the height of a major typhoon the church caught fire and burned to the ground leaving only the facade and a staircase. Today it is a symbol of Macau and recognized worldwide.
The church of the Mother of God, St. Paul's
Anne next to one of the
Monte Hill Fort cannons
Anne taking a short breather at the Monte Hill Fort
St. Paul's facade can be seen in the background

Ken taking a breather on the steps of St. Paul's.

Anne and Darla discussing the day's activities

Ken, Darla, Henri, Anne and Art
Dinner at Henri's
For your dining pleasure while in Macau we, all four of us, highly recommend Henri's Gallery on the waterfront. This was, without question, the best meal of the entire trip. We were all in a mood for a really good meal and Henri, the owner, was willing oblige us. We sat down and basically told Henri to "bring food." He asked a few qualifying questions and then served our meal. It was outlandish and extravagant, but it was well worth it.

Henri brought African chicken, curried crabs and spicy prawns. When we finished we ordered more of the curried crab as it was out of this world.
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