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Now that you've had your fill of sharks, let's look at some other sea creatures that have somewhat of a bad reputation, altogether not deserved. The first pictures you see, stingrays, below were also taken on the circle island tour when we fed the sharks. The remaining pictures were taken at the Lagonarium. The Lagonarium is essentially a large section of the lagoon that is penned in to keep the inhabitants inside. The inhabitants are sea turtles, sharks, stingrays and assorted other marine life. For a few dollars you get to ride another outrigger canoe across the lagoon and then swim with the fish in the enclosed pens. It was fun, and we met some nice people, Larry and Jamie (more later), during this excursion.
Playing with a stingray A stingray
Our tour guide cuddling a stingray. A stingray.
A stingray and shark
Where there are stingrays getting fed, the are sharks a looking!
Anne combing her hair Following our snorkeling adventures it was always time for a hot shower and the things that follow ... like combing out your wet head. When I asked Anne why she was smiling so broadly, she responded by telling me that "I've counted all the arms, legs, toes and fingers, and I'm happy to report they are all still attached." I guess that's a good thing to do when you experienced a ...

A shark encounter of the close kind!
At the Lagonarium we had the opportunity to snorkel with groups of gray reef and lemon sharks, stingray and eagle rays (pictured right). Eagle rays are beautiful. Similar but strikingly different from stingrays. When viewed closely their face appears to look very much like that of a bat. Their wings are more pointed and their bodies more streamline. They also travel in packs. While there were a dozen or more at the Lagonarium they were bashful and moved away quickly when approached. Taking pictures was difficult. An eagle ray
For anyone visiting Bora Bora I would recommend a visit to the Lagonarium. It's an experience worth enjoying. But I recommend you rid yourself of your fear of sharks. Go with the flow and rationalize that they do this because it is relatively safe. I mean they wouldn't intentionally put you in a penned in area with sharks if they commonly attacked people. Would they? Probably not. Of course there can be no guarantees with such things, but you only live once and you may as well enjoy it which leads me to Jamie and Larry. Continue to the next page to read their story!
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