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Now, the page you've all been waiting for ... the sharks and other dangerous sea creatures. Our first experience with sharks on our trip to Polynesia was when diving at Rangiroa. Sorry no pictures from that outing, but these should satisfy you. Our second encounter would be "up close and personal," when we stopped to feed them during our circle island outrigger canoe trip.

I don't know that I'd recommend this for everyone, but it was exciting if you could put up with the methods employed. Arriving at the site the tour guide dropped anchor and jumped into the water which was about five feet deep. Once in the water he walked over to a coral head and tied a rope to it. He then welcomed us into the water, with only our masks and snorkels, and told us to stay on one side of the rope and hold on to it. Not a good thing. To many people running into each other and no real feeling of control ... But, what could you do at this point. He began to take raw fish and hand feed the small tropical fish that had gathered. Within a minute we were in the midst of three or four black tip reef sharks who were also looking for a handout. The pictures that follow were taken during this feeding. To give you an idea of how close we were, the camera was focused on 4 feet and the pictures are sharp! Enjoy.
Shark photo taken while snorkeling
A Black Tip Reef Shark, four to five feet long circling toward me.
Shark photo taken while snorkeling Shark photo taken while snorkeling
Black Tip Reef Shark
Black Tip Reef Shark
Shark photo taken while snorkeling
If you were one of these little butterflies, wouldn't you be afraid you were on the menu?
Shark photo taken while snorkeling
If you wonder why sharks have the reputation they do all you need to is look into their eyes.
In them you will find a lifeless, cold and killer stare.
Hand feeding the sharks Riding a shark's fin
Are you this brave? See the hand with
the morsel of food?
Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Just grab a
fin and get towed! If you have the stomach for it!
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