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The Sofitel Marara is located on a beautiful white sand beach about 7 kilometers from Viatape. The hotel was built in the 1970's for the Dino de Laurentis movie, "Hurricane," and by all accounts is a first-class hotel with 64 bungalows, 11 beach front and 21 over water Across the lagoon is a private motu where they are currently constructing a 5-star hotel, maybe next time. Sofitel

After a short walk through the garden area we arrived at our beach front bungalow. While it did not sport a TV it did have air-conditioning and was pleasantly decorated. A large bedroom with an adjacent large bathroom made it very comfortable.
Our garden hut at the Sofitel Marara
Anne lounging on the king size bed The bathroom with it hugh shower
A king bed made sleeping a wonderful experience and provided a feel of home. The bathroom was magnificent and, I believe, made for saving water. The shower was large enough to throw a party. Of course, it was also the scene of the only scare on the trip when Anne went to shower. As she closed the door she heard something scurry up the wall behind the door. She screamed my name and I came running not knowing what to expect. When I asked her to describe what she had seen she couldn't. From then on I had to check the bathroom out for her before she'd enter.
The photo (right) shows the beach area in front of our bungalow looking out to the private motu and the water sports shack. The beach was beautiful and white-sand, but the water was the least appealing of all the islands (except Tahiti). It appeared murky and not very inviting. We only ventured into the water at the hotel once preferring to enjoy the water at the Coral Garden and Lagonarium The watersports area at the Sofitel Marara
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