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The remainder of our first afternoon on Tahiti was spent just wandering the hotel grounds and enjoying some drinks and snacks at the pool bar. We had made arrangement to meet Larry and Jamie (our famous "reef walker" friends) for dinner that night before they headed home the next morning.

When time came for Sunset Anne and I journeyed back to our room expecting that the balcony would offer us the best view. We gathered our chairs and made ourselves comfortable while we waited for the Sun to slowly slip into the sea behind Moorea.
Sunset over the island of Moorea
We sat there for quite some time watching the Sun as it slowly slipped into the sea and the last rays of sunshine as they danced between the sea and the sky. It was a beautiful Sunset and, unfortunately, the last that we would see in Polynesia (at least for this trip). With the morning the rains would come and they would stay for the last two days of our trip. Sunset reflections in the clouds
Larry and Jamie We had made arrangements to meet Larry and Jamie for dinner, yes, the buffet with the Polynesian show, and when the appointed time came we proceeded to the restaurant. We were seated on the perimeter and assured a good view of the Polynesian show that would follow. This would prove to be an interesting evening. The buffet was good, as expected, especially the raw tuna that was on every buffet, and we enjoyed the dinner and conversation with our new friends. Before we were finished, the show had begun. As you might expect, on Tahiti the production was a bit more elaborate. There had to be twelve to fifteen in the dance troupe, and they proceeded with the show. Meanwhile, sitting on the perimeter of the dance floor I was projecting ahead to the time when I knew the dancers would come into the audience and grab the unsuspecting tourists for their turn at making fools of themselves.
Jamie dancing with a native
As it turned out I didn't have to wait that long. Before you even expected it they had descended into the audience and were grabbing the tourists by the hand. But, I was lucky. They began with the men dancers who selected the women first. Anne and Jamie were gone in a matter of seconds, out on the dance floor. Larry and I sat back and really enjoyed the show. What is it with the women who really get into this stuff. Anne and Jamie, both, apparently were having a ball. Barefoot and all! At first they all danced together then they made what I call the "fool's circle." Anne dancing with a native
The fools circle is when all the dancers crouch down in the form or a circle around the edge of the dance floor, and one-by-one they bring each dancer and their partner to the center of the circle to make fools of themselves. I guess they don't really make fools of themselves, but, for sure, it is not something that I looked forward to. And, I would soon learn that Larry, too, shared my same feelings.
A native Polynesian dancer The girls loved it while Larry and I were sweating away knowing our time was fast approaching. We sat there quietly and, obviously, formulating a plan as to how we might avoid such a spectacle. Then, with the dance finally over, the girls began heading back to the table and the women dancers began to prey on the male audience. Without ever speaking to one another, Larry and I both immediately jumped up and walked to the back of the restaurant, actually, outside the restaurant, where we stayed until all the innocent victims had been selected. It was funny that we did exactly the same thing without ever telling the other what we planned. Actually I'm not sure we planned it. It was more of an involuntary action the way I see it. A native Polynesian dancer
With dinner and the night's festivities behind us we bid our new friends farewell and a safe journey home, and we headed to our room for a good night's sleep.
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