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Fortunately Valentine's day would fall during our visit to French Polynesia, and we were prepared for it. We carried cards for each other, and I also brought a small bag of the Valentine hearts candy with the little sayings. Now all we had to do was to find the perfect way to spend the day and evening. The hotel would assist us in finding that special way to spend the day.

The Kon Tiki boat
For Valentine's Day the hotel offered a dinner cruise aboard the Kon Tiki (above) featuring a lobster dinner. Anne and I signed up and looked forward to the evening on the water.
Valentine's Day heart


Me and my honey on Valentine's Day
At the appointed time we boarded the Kon Tiki with about 5 other couples and we began our trip. The dinner was not spectacular. Unfortunately the lobster was mush, just like in the British Virgin Islands, but the company was good. Anne wore the flower lei I had worked so hard to secure for her and we enjoyed the evening. With desert I took the bag of Valentine's candy that I brought from New York and shared it with the other guests and crew. It was fun as it was totally unexpected by them and it took a minute for them to realize what I had given them.


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