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The beach at the Sofitel Heiva, Huahine, was one of the best. Not that it was all that different from the other beaches, but it was one with much activity and quite a few people. No, there is no comparison to the over-crowded beaches of New Jersey. compared to that it was sparse, but compared to the other beaches we spent time on and in the water it was one of the nicest. This view (right) was taken from the porch of our beach front bungalow. The hotel staff manicured the beach frequently and every morning we found the lounges placed back in neat straight rows. The beach at the Sofitel Heiva, Huahine


A hermit crab One of the interesting and fun things to do on the beach in Huahine is to observe the inhabitants. Yes, the two legged and other kinds, like the hermit crabs. The hermit crabs (left) were every where. If you looked at a shell long enough chances are it would get up and move. Anne, a faithful shell collector, was very disappointed on Huahine. Virtually every shell she picked up had a living inhabitant and kept her from adding it to our shell collection. It also reduced the weight of our luggage coming home (thank you). During the day the larger hermit crabs with the really pretty shells would hide in the trunks of the trees on the beach (right). There they were virtually impossible to get to, but you could easily see them piled on top of each other. A tree stump, home to hundres of hermit crabs


The beach was very quiet and still at night and offered Anne and I some enjoyable moments following dinner. We walk back to the bungalow and take the lounge chairs and sit them on the beach where we would just enjoy the wonderful night sky. the stars were so brilliant and occasionally we would enjoy the fleeting moments of a shooting star. Surprisingly you didn't have to wait to long to see one. We saw quite a few on each of the islands where we took the time to enjoy the night sky.

One thing was missing on the islands in Polynesia ... the sounds of the waves crashing ashore at night when all is quiet. Because of the protection of the break-water reef offshore, the waves were very gentle and really made no sound at all. I missed being so close to the water and not hearing the sounds of the crashing waves.
Sunset on Huahine


Anne snorkeling Just a short walk down the beach from our room was some of the best snorkeling around. The water was shallow, clear, warm and loaded with very friendly fish that would come for a handout. The hotel, to keep the guest and fish happy, put out a large basket of day-old bread for the guests to feed the fish. Anne and I certainly took advantage of this. Anne looking at some Butterflys underwater


A triggerfish Unknown fish Unknown fish


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