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Day 3, Sandy Cay, Green Cay and Cane Garden Bay
Our third day aboard the Grand Oasis would be an adventurous and fun filled day. We started by sailing to a small island not far from Jost Van Dyke called Sandy Cay. We anchored about 30' from shore and enjoyed a nice breakfast cooked by Mary. After breakfast we all jumped in the water and swam to shore where we took a quick walk around and just enjoyed the beautiful white-sand beach.
Mike relaxing on the beach
Mike relaxing on Sandy Cay
Map of our sailing route for day 3
Day 3's trek from Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke to Sandy Cay, Green Cay, the northwestern coast of Tortolla, West End, and finally Cane Garden Bay
Leaving Sandy Cay we set sail for a nearby area where Capt. Jeff thought we could harvest some lobster for our dinner. This would be our second dive and, again, it was not a good one. Capt. Jeff, Anne, Darla, Ken and myself suited up for the dive and entered the water. Anne again couldn't clear and time was spent by the boat trying to help her clear. Capt. Jeff, for whatever reason, felt the urgency to head off on the lobster hunt and Ken and Darla followed suit. Getting Anne back on board safely I took off to locate them, but they were nowhere in sight. I returned to the boat quickly since there was really nothing to see in the area. A short time later Darla surfaced and returned to the boat. She, too, had lost track of them. Apparently Capt. Jeff made a beeline for the reef and left everyone except Ken in his dust. Capt. Jeff, using a spear gun, caught three lobsters. One really big one and two smaller ones. After what seemed an eternity of waiting for them we finally saw Ken surface quite some distance from the boat. His arms were full with the lobsters and he made his way slowly back to the boat. The trip was made even more difficult because his tank was slipping out of the BCD.

But, we were successful. Everyone made it back aboard safely and we had dinner to look forward to. We, that is, Ken and Capt. Jeff, came home with several lobsters and we had a really great baked lobster dinner. Of course everyone had to have a picture taken with the lobster. Here are a few ...
Ken holding the large lobster we caught
Ken with the large lobster
Jim holding the large lobster
Jim holding the
big one
Jim using the large lobster as a hat
Jim with his new
"lobster hat"
Mary preparing to cook the lobster
Mary, the cook, preparing
our lobster dinner
After our second dive, the lobster dive, I have to admit I was getting very disappointed with the diving on this trip. I realized that this was not a dive trip in the traditional sense of the word (meaning a trip specifically for diving), but I did expect to get a few good dives in over the course of the trip. With this second failure I was determined that the next dive would be better.
Green Cay
Green Cay
Leaving our anchorage we headed for Green Cay. Green Cay is the kind of island you dream of when you think of being secluded on a beautiful beach. Not very big, Green Cay has a beautiful white sand beach that extends completely around the island, and it is very small. You can (we did) walk entirely around the island in less than ten minutes. What a wonderful spot to sit back and just enjoy the Sun, sand and surf, and we did exactly that.

Leaving Green Cay we sailed along the northwestern part of Tortolla and headed to Cane Garden Bay where we would anchor for the night..
Of course having spent some time there a few days earlier we knew what to expect and we were delighted to be going back. This time aboard a beautiful sailboat. Enjoy these pictures taken during this leg of the trip ...
A passing sailboat
Passing another sailboat
Art relaxing on the Grand Oasis
Me relaxing for a few minutes
The rocky shore
The Rocky Shore
The trailing dinghy with islands in the background
The trailing dinghy
Jim swimming in the crystal clear wates
Jim enjoying the crystal clear waters
The bars at Cane Garden Bay Arriving at Cane Garden Bay most of us piled into the dinghy for the short trip ashore. A few, Jim and Cheryl, elected to swim in, something that was quickly becoming a habit for the whole group. The attitude was one of "just jump in and enjoy." We did just that! Going ashore in the dinghy
Returning to the Grand Oasis later that evening we all sat down to a fabulous lobster dinner that Mary prepared. To accompany the lobster we also had fresh Tuna that Cheryl had caught and a Spanish Mackerel that was caught while trolling earlier in the day. The meal was delicious and we all enjoyed it. Our lobster ready to be devoured
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