Comments taken from Micro Focus annual reviews:

"Art is the department expert with NX (NetExpress) GUI. Additionally, he is the only trainer who can also effectively teach NX WEB. Art was effective in conducting an internal training class enabling 2 trainers and one subcontractor to effectively teach COBOL Toolbox (Unix) courses. His contributions to course development efforts for NX GUI are well thought out and effective."

"Art has both excellent classroom training skills and is a good writer."

"Art is very creative. The exercises he authors are challenging and interesting. His UC98 (1998 User Conference) presentation was very slick and contributed to a very successful Quick Start session in the eyes of Micro Focus users."

"Excellent stand-up instructor with the extra talent of good writing skills."

"Art can be counted on for VERY GOOD performance at all times."

"Art has continued to be one of the leading revenuers within the department. Because Art works out of his house, all the training classes that Art does are on-sites. To his credit he has been able to keep up with products and the training material. Art's flexibility in being able to train on all products makes him one of the more frequently used trainers."

"Art has worked at a very hard pace. Even his publics are on the road. Art's presentation skills are a major contribution in helping others to develop."

"Art is excellent in front of a class. He adds a personal touch to each class."

"He has a well organized approach for class preparation, maintains good client relationships and manages his classes well. He is currently versed in ten Micro Focus technologies and expanded that to include Revolve, a technology that he was key in bringing back over to Education Services."

Comments taken from class reviews:

"Art was in tune with the students abilities. He uses the white board effectively to present concepts and then promotes class thoughts on steps to accomplish objectives. Responsive and clear when questions arise."

"Art managed to keep the class very positive in spite of questionable hardware."

"One of the main lectures I observed was preparation for an exercise. I was impressed with the way Art drew out the requirements on the board and took the class step-by-step through the design and implementation with Dialog System. Also, keeps class constantly aware of important concepts like reusability."

"I've yet to hear about you making a fool of yourself, quite the contrary - you have a long and distinguished record of making quite a good impression. Your teaching is well known and respected Art ... again, I reiterate, that those things do not go unnoticed and will not go unrewarded come raise time in Feb."