Comments taken from Micro Focus class evaluations:

"None, he has excellent presentation skills and good command of the product."

"I like the humor with which material was presented. A lot is covered in course and way presented makes big difference. I enjoyed week. Thank you."

"I found his technique to be exemplary - I usually fall asleep in these classes. He kept me awake and interested. I have dropped out of two PHD programs because I can't stay awake and interested in classes any more. If Art Brett had been teaching at NYU I would probably be Dr. (Name) today."

"Art was a pleasure, he was animated, easy going, and friendly. He made the class enjoyable. I would recommend him as an instructor to 'experience.' Thanks, Art."

"The flow of the course was hampered by some w/o Windows knowledge, but I was able to follow the flow w/o being bored and felt I got a lot of information. Art dealt with us as intelligent people and worked with us rather than at us."

"I liked your manner of presentation. Our OS/2 instructor was devoid of personality. When an instructor's personality comes through, as your does, it helps create an atmosphere to encourage technical questions and dialog."

"Definitely the teacher. Although I did not have a lot of interest in the subject matter, he was able to keep me engaged. He gets high marks for sense of humor, patience and enthusiasm."

"I feel this was an excellent opportunity for me with an excellent instructor. Art was great at keeping us all together when stepping through examples, giving individual attention as well."

"No need to improve this instructor. It's a pleasure to have a real instructor and not some techy guy who cannot relate to students."

"Instructor was friendly and knowledgeable. Questions were answered immediately and completely. Though the class was presented in a shorter time than normal, material was covered. I found this class a pleasurable learning experience, like a class should be."

"The instructor was outstanding, probably the best taught course I've taken."

"I thought Art was an excellent instructor. When I sit in meetings or classes for a long time I usually get disinterested no matter what the topic. This course was an exception."

"Art did a super job of presenting the material. His speaking and personality were excellent."

"I worked for a company that did informal in-house training on this product. While the person was well versed in user knowledge, she did not have the skills to present this material in a manner that was easy to stay awake and enthusiastic. I recommend that (Company) continue to use Art Brett ."

"Excellent knowledge of PC and mainframe. The instructor was fantastic; the material was presented very well, the handouts were great. I really appreciated the instructor's willingness to do whatever he had to do to be sure our questions were answered."

"Never dull!! Presentation was always quick - never time to be bored. Enjoyed - don't change a thing! Thanks!! for all your help."

"Art made an uninteresting, confusing, jumbled subject interesting."

"Lively delivery, lots of class participation. Come back!"

"Fairly open, instructor not a hard-nose."

"Art really did an outstanding job. I was really very impressed with his teaching skills. The class went quite well. I liked Art's style of teaching. He made the whole class feel at ease so that any questions or problems could be handled easily. He is also very knowledgeable about (Company) products which gives the class confidence in him and the products."

"This was overall one of the best classes I have ever taken."

"The instructor is very knowledgeable of the product and deserves a raise! An excellent teacher. He ran an interactive class, involvement from everyone, including himself. I feel you get more out of a class when the instructor interacts as opposed to just standing in front of the class lecturing. Very impressed with class and instructor."

"Mr. Brett was excellent at providing individual help when needed, but also keeping the pace of the whole class moving."

"Instructor had a good knowledge of the system. He also took the time to learn how we are set up then tailored the class."