Comments from letters written by company and client staff:

"You have worked many long hard hours to make things happen in my territory. Your knowledge and professionalism has been key to our success. The business just would not happen without your very valuable contribution. I appreciate your dedication. It's not fun to leave home on Sunday and return late Friday night (not much of a weekend). I run your butt off, rarely feed you and send you home tired and frequently sick. The next week you're back on the road doing another good job. Your efforts portend a bright future for this company. Thank you." Manager Southwest Sales, CGI Systems

"In a year when CGI has needed someone to support the sales effort nationwide, Art has performed at a level few other people could match. His ability to travel from one part of the country to another with relatively short notice to do demos, assist in presentations, answer technical questions, etc. has been extremely important in helping us increase our revenue numbers. Art has demonstrated a "can do" attitude when it comes to supporting a demanding schedule." V. P. Sales, CGI Systems

"As a note of appreciation, Dan McIrwin and the project team wish to formally thank Mr. Art Brett for his attitude and expertise in pulling the "demo" period together and handling the problems quickly which has now lead to the project team's recommendation to proceed. 'A job well done!'" Contracts Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company

"This is to inform you of what a super job Art Brett did at a prospect presentation back in November. The project manager for (company name) was a very difficult person to get along with. He had already abused another vendor to the point of leaving. Before the presentation, Art and I reviewed the quirks in this man's personality. Art controlled the situation beautifully and we are the number one vendor at this time." Account Manager, Southeast Sales, InSci

"I want to take this opportunity to thank and praise Art Brett for the time and effort he expended responding to Dresser Industries request for information on our Payroll System. As you know it was a time critical situation and Art really came through with absolutely no complaining or griping. At about 3:30 on the afternoon of Thursday, October 9, Art was given a list of 85 question pertaining to "Required/Desired Payroll Features" and an additional 11 questions titled "Supplementary Questions, " and asked to complete them as fully, yet, as quickly as possible since they had to be in Pittsburgh no later than Tuesday, October 14. Never having seen the questions before, he went to work. By 10:00 A.M. the next morning, Friday, October 10, he had completed answering all 96 questions!! This superhuman effort was done professionally, completely and thoroughly, and will be extremely instrumental should we land this piece of business." Northeast Sales, InSci

"We were satisfied with the quality effort demonstrated and, in particular, commend the high professional standards demonstrated by Art Brett." Assistant V.P., Information Resource Management, Northern Telecom